Summer Dress for Teens

A summer dress basically called as sundress. It’s a dress that is supposed to be worn during the summer and comes in various shapes, sizes and styles.  The fabric is used to put together a summer dress, cotton making is the ideal fabric. Summer dresses are also conventionally worn short or only to the knees. However, there is no hard and fast rule that demands that all summer dresses have to be worn short. It’s really more about comfort and going with the season. Fashion is all about the change of seasons.

Summer Dress for Teens 

The Shift Dress

The shift dress is an outfit that resembles a frock but does not flow as much. The shift dress is a short dress that can come with flowers on it or without. It’s a dress, the flow of which typically comes right above the knees. The dress usually comes in colorful variants and is one of those outfits that come extremely close to representing summer. Shift dresses are also generally worn loose.

The Tube Dress

If the shift dress is about comfort and a loose fitting, the tube dress is about comfort and a fitting that’s a lot tighter than that of the shift dress. it’s a figure hugging dress that can be worn to the knees or slightly above the knees.

The Shirt Dress

It’s a dress that is slightly longer than a shirt. Some shirt dresses also come with a dressy belt. The shirt dress is perfect for a summer morning ramp in a park, but along with a pair of leggings can also be worn.

The Strapless Summer Dress

The strapless summer dress is a dress, that comes without straps. It’s a dress that can come with frills or without. it is best to opt for the strapless summer dress variants that are blessed with color and bold prints. The strapless summer dress too can be worn extended to the knees or slightly below the knees.



Lights, camera, action! Everyone wants to hear these three words being said to them. Everyone wants to be on the front page of the biggest fashion magazines. In short, everyone wants to become a model. You need to work on many things once you decide to become a model. Your face needs to be perfect, your body needs to be perfect and even your hair needs to be perfect. But on top of all that the most important thing that needs to perfect is your ability to deal with situations and your intelligence level. In a country like India, there are many such platforms which provide worldwide recognition and acclaim to young aspiring models. You need to fit in all of the above criteria to become a full fledged model. Some major platforms to acclaim the status of a super model are Mr. India and Ms. India.

Mr. India and Ms. India – The widely known and world famous Mr. India and Ms. India contest is held every year to reward the men and women for their hard work and looks. It provides a colossal platform for all the young boys and girls to come and showcase their talents in front of the world. Sponsored by the femina group it is one of the major programs run in the country with contests that are conducted every year. Thousands of candidates fill in their forms to become a part of this brand and this huge glam world. A person who has a good physique and has a good sense of humor is then one grabs the title of Mr. and Ms. India. It also has a platform in various fields like commercial models or T.V advertisements. Femina being a common sponsor for beauty, health, food, buzz, travel, spotlight etc gives a huge platform to the boys and girls to know their abilities. It is known as the biggest fashion premium for all the aspiring models out in the world waiting to present their talent in front of the world. This grand event provides a chance to all the boys and girls to prove their potential and make their name not only in their country but also around the world. If you are willing to make a career in the modeling world then Femina Mr. and Ms. India is the best choice to prove your talent and live your dreams.

Modeling agencies– Whenever we hear of the word modeling, the first thing that comes into our minds are the agencies which provide a direct route to the modeling world. There are many modeling agencies in the country which provide the adequate amount of training and grooming to every aspirant so that he becomes an established model in the future.
Walking, dressing, talking, eating everything is taught in the boot camp which is conducted by the top modeling agencies in the country. These agencies provide a huge carrier platform for all the aspirants who wish to become a model in life. It requires men and women who are strong, independent and who can deal with every situation in life and carry everything with ease and grace. Good looking girls and boys are given different endorsement of products so that they establish themselves as settled models in the future. You will also get a large amount of exposure in the stage modeling and stage shows for designers which will provide you with all the needed knowledge about this field once you join a good and reputed modeling agency.
These were some of the huge and prominent platforms which can give you entry in the desired field of modeling and glamour world to follow your dreams and become a famous model.

Fashion Essentials for Men

Fashion is usually synonymous to women. For men, it is mostly thought of that they have nothing to do with fashion and that all that they have an option is to wear a pair of trousers and team it up with a shirt or t-shirt. Not anymore though! Like women, men too have some wardrobe essentials. With some essential stuff in the wardrobe, a versatile and unique collection can be easily carried out with panache. In terms of styling, men too have some do’s and don’ts. Adhering to these major factors would help in deciding the personality and style of a man. A sensible choice of these essentials can make a man look elegant, classy and charming. Picking right clothes is very important both in casual and professional scenarios. Right clothing injects confidence, makes a person look stylish and also attracts women. Apart from clothes, accessories play an important role in completing the look. Shoes, belts, sunglasses, and so on go a long way in complementing the style. Proper combination of clothes and accessories is required for a perfect flawless look. Check out some essential options for men in the following lines.


A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a classic suit. Whether it is a formal party, a wedding or an important business meeting, a man’s wardrobe without suit is unthinkable. For businessman and professionals, suit is the most important wardrobe essential. The suit must be traditional, having only two buttons, dark color and of comfortable fabric. Men often choose woolen fabrics which look good at any place, from a business meeting or wedding. Pick up a suit that fits you well and makes you look handsome.

Formal Shirts

A plain white button-down shirt is the very basic essential in a man’s wardrobe and a must-own for all men! Formal basic shirts can be teamed up with anything such as jeans, trousers, with a tie, under a suit, etc. Shirts with light strips and neutral colors also fulfill the same. Checks are also in fashion these days. If you want to flaunt your body, go through the racks to find nice-fitted slim shirt. These are available in large numbers and offer a smart, elegant and stylish look to the wearer.


What is salt to food is denim to wardrobe – cannot be done without, by any chance. Well-fitted basic denim cannot be compromised with anything and is a must-have for all men. While in the yesteryears, basic blue denim ruled the roost, the place has been taken over by hues of black and grey. For a young guy, baggy, ripped, or distressed jeans are great option nowadays. However, the glory of having basic blue denim is simply unmatchable. A plain straight cut jean when combined with a shirt or any polo t-shirt will never let you down.


Ties with dark colors and diagonal strips are unbeatable. Remember to have a black tie in your wardrobe. Always go for dark neutral shades. Combine basic tie with a formal shirt for that dashing look. However, make sure you make a wise color combination; lest you end up looking like a clown.

V-neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters are casual and add an extra elegance to the overall attire of men. They can be worn over jeans, formal pants and even nice shorts. If you are teaming a v-neck lined sweater with a formal shirt, top it up with a nice blazer for that enhanced effect. Else, you can simply wear it over jeans and on a white shirt.

Polo Shirts

For a business casual look, the wardrobe must have polo shirts in a variety of colors. While polo shirts look good with blue denims, you can pair it up with khakis and chinos as well. Don’t make a clown of yourself by opting for different color shirt, bottom and shoes. Make a wise color choice.


For a little casual look, khakis are the best choice. They can be worn with any kind of upper. If you want to add an extra charm to your look, team it up with a nice elegant blazer.


What is jewelry to women is belt to men – crucial accessory that is a must-have. Most men today wear pants without a belt, which is a complete disaster. Belt is an easy way to add polish and bling to the entire outfit, making the whole appearance range from being just fine to fantastic. Traditionally available only in leather, belts today can be found in various textures and designs. While adorning a belt, make sure that the color of your shoes and belts matches, lest you give an uncoordinated look.


It is believed that the personality of a man is judged by the kind of shoe he wears, which itself goes on to prove how important shoes are in a man’s wardrobe. Shoes are available in a number of types and colors. One can have a pair of black shiny shoes with tie up laces for a formal look, a pair of sneakers for a complete casual look, stylish sandals defining the cool look. On trousers always go for formal shoes. With jeans, you can either go with the sandals or sneakers. For those who want to give off a cool look, go for slip-ons.

Other Essentials

  • A hat is another essential which adds a classy look to men.
  • For the formal wear, an elegant dark colored leather bag is perfect, while for a casual look, one can go for long denim bags.
  • Most of the professionals carry their laptops, so a strong, durable, dark colored laptop bag is a must for them.
  • Sunglasses also make a necessary wardrobe essential, especially during summers. They not only provide protection to your eyes, but also make a person look handsome and charming.
  • Nice deodorants and perfumes are also very essential in a man’s wardrobe.

These are some essential wardrobe options for men. Including these in your wardrobe collection will make you look extremely handsome, charming, attracting and perfect.


Fashion Fall Trends 2015

MILAN, Italy — The elusive Giambattista Valli is not easy to catch. He is too busy single-handedly running his independent maison, and coming up with a different collection every month of the year: two for couture, four for Giambattista Valli ready to wear, four for his year-old line Giamba and two for Moncler Gamme Rouge where he serves as creative director. Valli is an authentic, restless workaholic with the agenda of a designer who wants to stay at the top of the game while playing it to his own rules — i.e. financing his own work with other work, no investor needed. Valli makes every possible effort in order to be his own boss, “I could not do otherwise, at least for the moment,” he concedes.